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Sistercacao [userpic]

My favorite fics

[sticky post] December 27th, 2017 (11:49 am)

I've been meaning to compile this for myself, and whoever is still around on LJ and might read this I guess. I'm just remembering them as I go along. Not in particular order.

My favorite fics of all timeCollapse )

Sistercacao [userpic]

[fic] The Phantom, part II

August 5th, 2018 (06:50 pm)

Man, fuck these word count limits!!

The Phantom, Part IICollapse )

Sistercacao [userpic]

[fic] The Phantom, Part I

August 5th, 2018 (06:49 pm)

All my stuff is on AO3 now, but because this is a companion fic to The Drowned, which is on here, I wanted to post it here too, for completion's sake.

Title: The Phantom, part 1

Pairing: 1x2

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Heero POV, lemon, language, angst

Notes: Sequel/Companion to The Drowned.

The Phantom, Part ICollapse )

Sistercacao [userpic]

[fic] The Long Way Home, Pt 2

February 3rd, 2018 (06:59 pm)

Here's part II of what is not supposed to be a 2-parter. Lol. Part one is here: https://scacao.livejournal.com/25810.html

The Long Way Home, part 2Collapse )

Sistercacao [userpic]

[fic] The Long Way Home, Pt 1 I GUESS.

February 3rd, 2018 (06:58 pm)

My take on the age old "Duo gets hurt and Heero takes care of him or vice-versa" fic. Nothing really groundbreaking going on here, I just always wanted to play with this a little.

LJ says this post is too long so this one-shot is getting broken up into 2 parts. bleh.

Title: The Long Way Home
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: R?
Warnings: Post-EW, Preventers, brief lemon, a little angst

The Long Way HomeCollapse )

Sistercacao [userpic]

I'm on AO3!

January 13th, 2018 (05:51 pm)

I finally made it onto Archive of our Own. I'm Sistercacao over there. I'll be slowly importing/posting work from this LJ over there, as well as posting new stuff. I have a new fic I wrote that I was waiting to post until my AO3 account was up, so that'll go up soon!

Sistercacao [userpic]

[fic] The Come Down

January 1st, 2018 (10:21 am)

Happy new year! I have a few fics to edit/finish/post in the next few weeks. This is the 3rd installment of my 1x2 AU college drug arc thing. I write one of these every ~4 years it seems. I have one more installment in this series, outlined out, and then I think maybe it's done? I'm calling it the 'Love is the Drug' arc because I am not creative :D

Here are the first two installments:

Transcendental Meditation and Strange Medicine

And the third!

Title: The Come Down
Author: sistercacao
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: R
Warnings: AU, drugs, language, vague sex lol

The Come DownCollapse )

Sistercacao [userpic]

[fic] Shotgun

December 28th, 2017 (02:49 pm)

I'm on the queue for AO3, since that seems to be where all the fanfic happens now? I'll be posting all my old stuff there, and cross-posting any new stuff. Like this. This is new. Incredible! Writing new GW fic in 2017!

This is a little one-shot AU lemon about Duo and Heero smoking up. An old favorite subject of mine, stoners in love :3

Title: Shotgun
Pairing: 2x1
Warning: AU, Lemon, drugs, language

ShotgunCollapse )

Sistercacao [userpic]

[fic] Armistice - I guess I never posted this??

December 21st, 2017 (01:51 pm)

TWO YEARS AGO I SAID I WOULD WRITE MORE AND I DIDN'T AND THAT IS A SAD THING :( I want to write stuff, I miss it. My life has gotten so busy, but I miss this fandom and writing and reading. Blah.

Here is a fic I wrote for the Moments of Rapture contest way back when and never posted to my LJ, which I like to keep as a full list of all the stuff I wrote. So here.

Title: Armistice
Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Post-EW, angst, lemon, language

ArmisticeCollapse )

Sistercacao [userpic]

I'm alive.

April 17th, 2015 (10:48 am)

I'm still alive, though it's been a looooong break. I am so glad to see some of you are still writing GW out there. I want to work on some stuff, but I don't know when or how much that will be. Just need to see if something inspires me. :D

Edit: Times like this I look through my giant pile of unfinished fics and fic outlines/ideas and look for one I like. I just found a good one, it was exactly what I was thinking of writing- something horror-y, Cthulhu-y, yay. I went back and re-read my old Silent Hill/Event Horizon GW fic and was like I WANNA DO THAT AGAIN, haha.

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